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Montecristo A – Box of 25 – Bulk

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10 Pcs $129.00
25 Pcs $299.00 $249.00
Box Of 25 $349.00 $299.00
50 Pcs $569.00 $449.00


Price elsewhere:  750 – 1500 USD
Vitola: Gran Corona (A)
Length: 9¼”, 235 mm
Diameter: 18.65 mm
Ring Size: 47
Strength: Medium

It’s the knowledge of tobacco cultivation and rolling of cigars that are represented in the Montecristo A. The tobacco gives a taste of rich leather, rosé and cedar. An impressive roundness and fullness characterized aroma without being overwhelming. If you also have a structure that provides excellent features and burning, even when there is no more that can be expected.

For me, it is the cigar taste and what mood the cigar gives me. I want to relax, disconnect and reflect in my own time when I’m enveloped in Cuban cigar smoke. In short: I have never been so well-balanced, happy and harmonious peaceful than when I was enjoying my Monte Cristo A. The experience of sitting and enjoy this masterful craft in 3 wonderful ways in taste, through scent, and the feeling of holding the cigar. Set aside an evening for Monte Cristo A and you will have an embalmed soul for a long time.

The product is shipped in the original box of 25 cigars, unless otherwise requested. We also ship cigars in a container of 50-100 pieces for a discounted price.

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